Paradise Tools


Welcome to Paradise Tools, Your premier Hand Tools manufacturer & supplier in Malaysia, We manufacture and export an extensive range of Spanners, Vices, Striking Tools, Wood Working Tools, Wrenches/Plumbing Tools, Pliers, Measuring Tools, Garage Tools, Leather tool Pouches, D.I.Y Tools. Paradise Tools is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company, It is headquartered in Jalandhar (Punjab) India. We are the best hand tools suppliers in Malaysia because of exceptional services such as timely shipments, customer support, and competitive prices, Paradise Tools has become one of the most trusted brands globally in its product category since 1960. We manufacture our Products as per International Standards and Customer Design Specifications like private branding, Customized packaging, and color options. Contact us for the best quality Hand tools at very Competitive prices.


We manufacture a wide range of vices includes:-

  • Cast Iron Bench Vice-fixed base
  • Cast Iron Bench Vice-swivel base
  • S.G Iron Bench Vice–Fixed base
  • S.G Iron Bench Vice – Swivel base
  • All Steel Bench Vice -fixed base
  • All Steel Bench Vice -Swivel Base
  • Baby Vice – Fixed Base
  • Baby Vice – Swivel Base
  • Baby Vice – Swivel Base
  • Anvil

Wood Working Tools:- 

Paradise Tools is your trusted partner if you are searching for a Woodworking Tools supplier in Malaysia. Experience the pinnacle of woodworking with our premium collection of woodworking tools, Our Tools range includes:- 

  • Jack Plane
  •  Block Plane
  • T-Bar Cramps
  • G-Clamps
  • Hand Drill
  • Carpenter Pincers
  • Tower Pincers
  • Top Cutter
  • Hacksaw Frame Tubular With Plastic Handle
  • Hacksaw Frame Wooden Handle
  • Junior Hacksaw Frame
  • Wood Splitting Wedge
  • Pitsaw
  • Wood Working Vice
  • Caulking/Silicon Gun

Leather Tool Bags :-

We manufacture and export the best quality leather tool bags. We use 100% genuine leather which enhances functionality and durability. Our wide range of leather tool bags includes:- 
  • Ten Pocket Split Leather Economy Work Apron
  • Oil Tanned Perfection Leather Tool APRON
  • Ten Pocket Split Leather Carpenter Apron Large Capacity
  • Large Capacity Nail & Tool Pouch
  • Five Pocket Split Leather Nail & Tool Pouch
  • Oil Tanned Large Capacity Nail & Tool Pouch
  • Oil Tanned Scaffolding Leather Tool Belt
  • Leather Drill Holder
  • Leather Nail Tool Pouch
  • Leather Welding Work Apron
  • Fix/Movable Leather Hammer Holder
  • Leather Tape Holder

Our Measuring Tools range includes:-

  • Try Square
  • Steel Foot Rule
  • Bewel Try Square
  • Tailor Square
  • Spring Callipers (A) Inside, (B) Outside, (C) Divider
  • Engineering Square
  • Vernier Calliper
  • Vernier Calliper