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Hand Tools Manufacturers in India

Paradise Tools manufactures and exports a diverse range of Spanners, Vices, Striking Tools, Wood Working Tools, Wrenches/Plumbing Tools, Pliers, Measuring Tools, Garage Tools, Leather tool bags, and D.I.Y Tools. We are the best hand tools manufacturers in India. we manufacture our tools as per international standards like DIN, IS and Customers design specifications. we are Delivering the best quality products since 1960. Paradise Tools “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Quality Hand Tools”, Contact us for for more details.

We export our products to more than 20 countries worldwide, including the USA, Europe, Australia Africa, Asia, UAE, and several of the world’s leading Brands & Stores. Our commitment to delivering best quality products extends beyond borders. As we continue to expand our reach and influence, we remain focused in our mission to elevate standards, inspire confidence, and redefine excellence on a global scale.

With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience in the Hand tools industry,  Paradise Tools is one of the Leading exporters and manufacturers in India because its of quality hand tools by delivering exceptional services such as timely shipments, customer support, and competitive prices. we are the Best Hand Tools Manufacturers and Exporter in India. In the list of hand tools manufacturers in India Paradise Tools has become one of the most trusted brands across the globe in its product category. Contact us for more details.

Hand Tools Manufacturers in India
Hand Tools Manufacurers in India


Why Choose Us


We are always furnished with comprehensive market knowledge by our in-house Research & Development department to analyze latest market trends from  last six decades. we are in the list of top Hand Tools Manufacturers in India.


We turn ideas into successful products at a quicker rate. Hand tools manufacturers and exporters in India Paradise tools is the best because We use modern metalworking techniques such as forging, casting, machining and heat treatment which are essential for crafting hand tools with the desired strength and durability.

Quality Assurance

We are set to deliver a wide range of products that are fascinating in addition and distinct to create high-quality products. Quality assurance is our first motto. Hand tools manufacturers and exporters in India, Paradise tools is your trusted partner.


Over the 60 years in the Industry, we have flourished & excelled in our business because of complete client satisfaction through delivering unmatched quality at best price. We manufacture our products as per buyer’s requirement. Hand tools manufacturers in India Paradise Tools is your trusted partner.